Rent the Lakeside Rodeo Hall or Arena and Grounds

12584 Mapleview Street
Lakeside, CA 92040

Whether you need to rent a Hall, an arena or an entire facility, the Lakeside Rodeo grounds are the perfect location to host an affordable, memorable and convenient event

One of The Most Affordable Full Service Event

Locations in San Diego!

The Facility Main Building Features

  •   Seating for 275 people
  •   Includes tables and chairs
  •   Restrooms included
  •   Attached full service kitchen available, at an addition fee
  •   Covered patio-dance area
  •   Air conditioned and heated facility
  •   On-site Ice machines
  •   PA system
Affordable Outdoor and Arena Event Facility

  • Rodeo Grounds (260' x 130' arena) w/bleachers
  • Seating for over 5000 people w/handicap seating
  • Arena and stands lighted for night-time events
  • Parking facility included w/handicap parking 
  • Sound System available (Addtl. cost)
  • (4) Concession Stand(s) available (Addtl. cost)
  • 3 Gated crowd entries
  • Multiple Restroom Facilities (Included)
  • Ticket Booth (2) available w/telephone lines (Addtl. cost)

Event Planning

Our qualified and trained personnel will be happy to assist  you in planning the best

AFFORDABLE rental package to suit your event.

  • Rental prices vary by facility item/area usage 
  • Restrooms are included with all rentals (Yeah!!)
  • Telephones, Electricity and Trash Removal may be subject to separate charges at the current rates, if applicable
  • All rentals are subject to cleaning and security deposits as separate charges
  • Some events may require separate or additional insurance, permits and licensing that is not included in rental pricing
  • Please note that prices are subject to change without notice
Marquee (Electronic)
Visible to 100,000+ vehicles per day that travel the Hwy 67 corridor

The Marquee is reserved for high-visibility mentioning of the Rodeo Grounds sponsors who join in to Support the Youth of Lakeside.....
Very Affordable Sponsorship Packages are available!
  Please contact Rich Hurst at 619-561-4331 or email if you would like to hear about the affordable Year-round Sponsorship

Please note that we do not sell advertising on our Marquee

The Lakeside Rodeo provides an affordable opportunity for you
to advertise your banner throughout the year (subject to periods of unavailability) and during the Lakeside Rodeo event.
 Contact Jody Davis through 619-561-4331 regarding the BANNER Program.