Members Only Access Page

Each member, whether an associate, regular voting or an executive member level is expected to perform service to the organization through volunteering of time and effort as an event liaison for two (2) events annually (annual Lakeside Rodeo does not count). Additionally, all members are expected to assist in the completion of the annual Tasks list.
If a member cannot make a time contribution in a scheduled work party event, the member is encouraged to take the initiative to complete tasks at a mutually acceptable time. 
It is the member's responsibility to ensure that the Association Secretary is aware of events you volunteer at or hours you volunteer your services as well as any and all tasks you may assist on or complete.

Membership Task List
August, 2016
If you do not have a key to access the Rodeo grounds and you wish to work at a listed or required task at a more convenient to you time, please contact 
Rich Hurst  
Kym Tilton
Kim Clark Miller
Betty Washburn
Melody Virag
Work parties are scheduled twice monthly (see calendar tab). If you cannot make a work party, you may enter the grounds and complete tasks on your own time.  Once you have made progress on or completed a task, please contact Kym Tilton so that she may update her Task listing.
Task Listing

Bull cross over gate board replacement
Need to pressure wash all bull pens
Wash and dry all main hall tables and every chair
Clean roll up door interiors in main hall
Clean walls in main hall
Weed the entire grounds; it's an ongoing task